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Sorry no K-Cups...

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Well, if you like dining at the local gas station convenience store than perhaps the K-cups are the way to go. What are the K-cups?  K-cups are like cartridges for the Keurig single serve coffee brewer. 

The concept and design were birthed by Green Mountain Coffee in Vermont.  These brewers are capable of serving one cup of coffee at a time.  Each Kcup holds a single serving of coffee grounds, and a filter that is nestled inside of a cocoon of plastic and tinfoil.  The Kcup is placed inside of the brewer and when the brewer lid is closed, a metal spout pierces the foil lid of the kcup.  Hot water is then injected into the K cup and out comes the coffee. Is the Kcup the right choice for your daily brew? K-cups are sure convenient, there is not much of cleanup involved, no prep time - just like at the convenience store... But, when you think about what you get for the price you pay than perhaps you will have a second thought.

You see, while the coffee in a Kcup is superior to other mass produced grocery store ground coffees, it is less than fresh.  Did you know that fresh roasted coffee emits CO2 for 2 weeks after the roasting process.  If the coffee in the Kcup was fresh, they would explode. The aging process of coffee is expedited when it is ground.  Whole bean coffee can last for weeks, while ground coffee will only remain fresh for minutes. Kcup coffees cost about $.80 per serving.  That is equivalent to paying $30 per pound!  For that price you could enjoy some of the most exotic coffees the world has to offer for less than the mass produced Kcups - think about it...


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